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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America's Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast. He reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

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Jun 20, 2020

Disagreements between citizens must be settled by ballots not bullets. But disagreements between nations are settled by power not paper; by cannons not committees. Stop telling lies to little children. Is it any of your business if I buy the house next to you, never occupy it and leave it empty? Why did my father torment me with mechanical clocks? How important is protecting private property? What does Vancouver, British Columbia have to do with Jerusalem, Israel? Nations should pursue their interests not those of the United Nations, the International Court, or any other bogus institutions that have never prevented a war let alone stopped one. You have fewer property rights living in the city than out in the country; why? Read more about our Thought Tool books