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Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known world-wide as America's Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and host of the Rabbi Daniel Lapin podcast. He reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

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Mar 30, 2019

Many in the Bush family, sorry I mean dynasty, with their long association with the Republican Party, admitted that they voted for Hillary in November 2016. So did dozens of other well-known journalists, pundits, policy-wonks, and political-hangers-on who had long been famous as conservative Republicans. All...

Mar 22, 2019

I was wrong last week. The 737 MAX should have been promptly grounded March 11th, 2019. Was history being written in the Ethiopian desert and off the coast of Indonesia? Sometimes history is written in just a few days. Are we witnessing the opening moves of America’s slide from #1 to #2 in commercial aviation? Why...

Mar 18, 2019

20 Questions that will help you discover if you truly know how the world REALLY works. Letters from listeners. Two Boeing airliners tragically crash; the real reason the 737 Max was grounded. Are we willing and eager to end the more than 30,000 traffic fatalities a year in the United States? It can be done, you know....

Mar 8, 2019

How you answer the question that entitles this show will say a lot about whether you ever will have $5M.  What produces more happiness, fun or work? Would you accept marital advice from a man who has never lived with a woman? But you might well accept car maintenance advice from a mechanic who has never owned a car....

Mar 1, 2019

A guard at the notorious San Quentin penitentiary near San Francisco takes issue with my overly broad characterization last week. Another California corrections officer comments on my preference for fines, flogging and execution over incarceration. A Columbian family writes from Singapore to where they moved...